900 referrals and 500 euros in 2 months

When the blog was launched 2 months ago, I told you about Loonea and Moolineo. I presented these sites to you as very good opportunities to earn money on the internet. Today, I take stock with you on what I have won. You will see that the results are very encouraging and that you can do the same.

My beginnings with Moolineo and Loonea:

I obviously knew these 2 sites even before I decided to launch this new blog. Moolineo, which exists since 2015, was entitled to its carbon copy with Loonea arrived in February 2016. But it is only since the creation of LeClubArgent.com that I earn money.

If you are a regular user of these profitable sites, you may have seen that the missions only brought in a few euros a day and it is not with these small gains that you will become rich. At best, you can aim for 40 euros per month with the proposed missions. I think you got it.

No, like I said before, it’s the sponsorship that brings in the most since each new registrant earns me 1.20 euros. We are far from the few cents generated thanks to the various missions. But just because I’m telling you that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the missions. On the contrary, if you have time, do it, it will always be good to take.

Register on Loonea

How did I manage to have as many referrals as possible?

In the presentation articles of Loonea and of Moolineo, I invite you to register if you want, in turn, to earn euros thanks to the internet. When you register by following the affiliate link, you become my godson and save me € 1.20. Easy isn’t it?

In reality, it is not that easy because for my articles to be read, they must be well positioned on Google. Logic! If no one reads what I write, I earn nothing. But if you don’t have a blog, you can do it another way. Without going into details because it will be the subject of an article soon, there are multiple solutions to have lots of referrals like promoting on your Facebook page or wall, posting affiliate links in forums or going to sites specializing in sponsorship.

If you want to blog, I advise you to use WordPress. Thanks to the huge community, you will find tutorials to put your blog online without difficulty. Consider reading these articles if you are interested in blogging: Tutorials to create your first blog in WordPress Where How to start a professional blog in 5 minutes?

How much did I earn in 2 months?

To date, my number of referrals is close to 900 and the earnings should have been 1080 euros in theory. Why am I saying in theory? Because for a godson to bring me money, he must validate his email address and come back a second time. If these two conditions are not met, the godson brings me nothing.

I come back to my 900 godchildren who have not all validated their registration. It’s a shame for me but it’s normal. Of these 900 referrals, only more than 400 confirmed their email address and then returned to these two profitable sites..

Finally they made me win nearly 500 euros which is exceptional knowing that the blog has only 2 months of seniority and that it is difficult to position its articles correctly for a certain time. I think that in a few months, the blog will have progressed on the SEO side and that my articles will be positioned at the top of the results, at least I hope so …

To register on Moolineo

Money on the internet is therefore possible!

Have you tried multiple other sites to supplement your income and have been disappointed? This is normal because the sites that really pay their members can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I’m exaggerating a bit but barely 10% of sites offering to make money on the internet are really reliable. So of course you have to find out before registering on a particular site. If you stumble upon a site that promises you a comfortable income quickly and legally without doing anything, beware because scams are very common. I advise you to go to the site NetBusinessRating which classifies all the sites by theme (paid clicks, paid surveys, income-generating applications, etc.). You will see that by consulting this guide you will avoid many problems and you will know if a site is reliable or not.

The details of the referrals on Moolineo:

My referrals on Moolineo

As you can see, I recruited 259 referrals of which only 112 have validated their registration. More specifically, 43% of people who register on Moolineo through LeClubArgent bring me money. So I cashed 134.40 euros in 2 months. Pretty good.

The details of the referrals on Loonea:

My referrals on Loonea

On Loonea, I had even more success because 638 new members registered but ultimately alone 297 brought me money either 356.40 euros or 46% of the total registered. These results are really surprising and I did not expect to have so many referrals in such a short time. These very good figures allowed me to integrate the ranking of the best sponsors of the month when I can get a bonus of 150 euros!

It’s up to you to do the same!

So you have understood that if I was able to earn 250 euros per month with Loonea and Moolineo, it is possible. I am not smarter than you but to have these results I worked. So if you have the motivation and the time, you can earn so much and even more, there are no limits. To get started on Loonea, follow this link: Loonea registration, for Moolineo, it will be this: Moolineo registration.

Loonea and Moolineo are two examples but know that I have already presented other equally interesting sites. I invite you to read my list of the best paying sites and why not the one where I summarize all paid survey sites that really pay if you like to give your opinion.

Good earnings! Play the game and tell us how much you won!

Even more?

If you want to go further and register on equally reliable and profitable sites, continue for example with Swagbucks, ReflexMalin Where Ba-Click. Level gains, it’s kif-kif.

Update 13/10/2017: I just published the guide to recruiting as many referrals as possible. I strongly advise you to read this article where you will know all about sponsorship.

Update of 08/30/2018: 18 months after the blog went live, I am the best sponsor for Loonea and Moolineo. Each month, I recruit several hundred referrals. I talk about it in my article where I take stock before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

My last referrals on Moolineo

Update 07/02/2020: Still no problem with Moolineo more than 3 years after the launch of the blog. Very regularly, I am the best sponsor of the month and my earnings are always paid without the slightest delay. For your information, just for today I already have more than 50 referrals as you see above.

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