ADALend, who is in the process of developing a DeFi (decentralized financing) project recently announced that development of their next project, in this case cross-platform integrations, is imminent. These will make decentralized financial services much simpler. These will, in addition, be accessible to a much wider audience around the world.

Note that Javed Khattak, who is none other than the CEO of ADALend had already indicated their intention to work on various key elements, namely the user experience and user interface as well as the simplicity of the platform. The objective is to minimize as much as possible the brakes that would push back the traditional users who wish to integrate the universe of decentralized financing.


What you need to know about ADALend

ADALend belongs to the category of decentralized loan protocols supported by the Cardano system. This protocol will undoubtedly have an influence on the flexibility of digital financial markets by providing a base solution allowing direct access to loans and guarantees. This will result in better liquidity of blockchain assets at the lender level.

  • Loans not requiring authorization on all pairs: Users can be sure that they are always getting the best deals, backed up by multiple layers of oracles, making clearances unnecessary, regardless of the pair involved.
  • Incentive liquidity: the incentive to make deposits will make it possible to preserve a high liquidity of ADALends. In this way, interest rates remain low and assets remain accessible to borrowers.
  • Community governance: ADALend or its community can make governance proposals and it will be necessary for a consensus to be reached for their realization. Specifically, token holders must vote. This ensures that the implementation of the project is carried out in the interest of the user and that of the ADALend community.
  • Base layer of the ecosystem: ADALend will host a layer composed of financial products pursuing a development objective of the entire project, in particular a native financial solutions platform that will provide a complete independent ecosystem to users. These solutions can replace both traditional and non-traditional financial solutions.

ADALend invites the public to familiarize themselves with its white paper and to better understand the specificities and challenges of this project which certainly stands out.

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