ARCHEthic, the security and trust blockchain gets a makeover

In the beginning was Uniris. A pioneer company in terms of identification and security. 4 years of research and 11 international patents later, here is ARCHEthic. A natural evolution of the first phase of research, the public blockchain quickly becomes the standard bearer of the company.

Indeed, with extraordinary technical characteristics, based on an original and particularly secure consensus, ARCHEthic announces to solve the recurring problems of the most prominent protocols of the crypto ecosystem. Today, the project is entering a new phase and is reorganizing its internal economy.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with ARCHEthic.

A remarkable blockchain technology

ARCHEthic does not do in the ad effect. The team prefers to deliver on time. A healthy habit inherited from the Uniris company, when the project was still evolving in the classic industrial landscape. Inventor of a revolutionary technology for identification by the venous network of the fingers, the company quickly appropriates the unprecedented capacities of blockchain technology in order to bring its product into a new dimension.

Archethic to the moon!

An approach that takes her much further than she would have imagined. Fruit ofa work that has its source in the security sector and biometric identification, ARCHEthic is clearly not a blockchain like any other. Judge instead:

  • Risk of fraud reduced to nil, even with 90% malicious nodes
  • Extreme energy sobriety. A transaction is thus 1000 times less energy consuming than Google on email storage.
  • 1 million GST, 5 seconds maximum per validation
  • Transaction fees of around 0.1%
  • Optimal decentralization : Nodes and stacking for holders who secure the network

Add to that the integrated quantum resistance and crypto-biometrics including remote KYC without information retention, native integration of e-commerce solutions, compatibility with NFT standards, extremely simple smart-contract language, and I past. You are in the presence of one of the most capable layer 1 protocols to compete with the best on their own ground. Why is it not already the case? No doubt the fault of a tokenomics that goes against industry standards.

Revamped tokenomics, optimized economic realism

The revised term is actually a no-brainer. December 12, 2021, ARCHEthic destroys 90% of its native tokens. 9 billion UCO thus leave the circuit. There remains 1 billion which will be distributed based on one of the most fascinating mathematical models. The Fibonacci sequence, well known to traders, will now structure the economic model of the protocol.

ARCHEthic's new tokenomics should bring it closer to the standards in force in the crypto ecosystem
Tokenomics according to Fibonacci

Adoption is the condition for any technology to survive. The emphasis is therefore on promotion. The total supply will henceforth be used in the following proportions:

  • 38.2% to support the development of structure and technology.
  • 23.6% in various rewards and incentives for actors and users who will invest in the protocol.
  • 14.5% for the team and the advisers, with a progressive release over time.
  • 9% as a reward for staking, at the rate of 9 million per year.
  • 5.57% provided in cash for CEXs and DEXs.
  • 3.44% to reward off-grid media.
  • 3.34% in support of validators. This is until the rewards become more profitable than the running costs of the nodes.
  • 2.13% devoted to the functioning of the foundation in charge of governance.

A slow emission to support the long term vision

The scheme gives pride of place to investors who will be able to remain faithful to the project, since the supply becoming scarce, the native UCO tokens of the ARCHEthic blockchain will automatically be worth more and more.
A token issue that sees far

A complete reorganization which also goes through a recalibrated emission. This is in order to support the price of the token as much as possible and to avoid the phenomena of massive sales which are still too frequent in the crypto-currency sector. As shown in the graph, the projections are smoothed out while decreasing over many years. A deflationary dynamic now well known in the economic strategies of crypto projects, and which investors are particularly fond of.

In four years, Uniris, an innovative identification process, is now offering a layer 1 protocol that is among the most promising on the market. A drastic approach that was recently confronted with the harsh reality of an initial unsuitable tokenomics.

More was needed to stop this French industrial flagship in its tracks. Finally combining economic relevance and technological innovation, it would be surprising if ARCHEthic did not soon rub shoulders with the most prestigious crypto projects. Make it to the top 10.

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