ASMEX receives Ambassador of Libya to explore business opportunities

Economic relations between the two countries and the means to develop trade were at the heart of the discussions during this meeting. Orienting itself towards a market economy, Libya wants to attract Moroccan and Western investors. A mission of Moroccan businessmen in Libya will soon be scheduled.

The President of theASMEX, Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi, accompanied by a delegation from the Association’s Executive Board, received on December 22, 2021 in Casablanca, the Ambassador of Libya to Morocco, His Excellency Abubakr Ibrahim Ataweel as well as Mhammed Taieb, Consul General of Libya in Casablanca and Yahia Faraj, Libyan economic operator.

The Ambassador of Libya took advantage of this meeting to recall Morocco’s important role as mediator of the Libyan crisis during the various rounds of negotiations organized in Skhirate, Bouznika and Tangier between the various Libyan political components. In this regard, His Excellency Abubakr Ibrahim Ataweel thanked all the components of the country which aim to maintain a climate of peace and confidence in the region.

Libya is now oriented towards a market economy which advocates the emergence of a free private sector in order to initiate and facilitate any commercial negotiation aimed at obtaining supplies from abroad in order to attract Western investors. to the Libyan market. And this, by means of payment methods which consist in that the letters of credit are confirmed by the European subsidiaries of the Libyan banks.

The same interest was shown towards Moroccan investors who “today have a great deal of experience in the business world, especially in Africa, where south-south cooperation has taken on another dimension thanks in particular to the efforts made by the Kingdom”, noted the Ambassador. To achieve this, the Libyan government promises to facilitate procedures and provide the necessary guarantees.

In order to further develop trade and economic relations between the two countries, the two parties have agreed to:

  • Organize a mission of Moroccan businessmen in Libya as soon as the health context allows. In this context, an appeal is launched for the reopening of the direct airline between Casablanca and Tripoli.
  • Examine the possibility of organizing a permanent exhibition of Moroccan products in Tripoli.
  • Plan a “Country sheet” communication around business and investment opportunities at the website level of theASMEX in order to sensitize Moroccan economic operators on the possibilities to be seized on the Libyan market.
  • Create a Morocco – Libya Business Club aimed at establishing regular meetings between economic operators of the two countries and carrying out joint discussions on the development of the partnership.

ASMEX recalled the history of Moroccan-Libyan relations, highlighting the presence of some Moroccan economic operators who are members of the Association on the Libyan market, whether they are exporters or investors. For its part, the association is committed to doing everything possible to explore the possibilities of partnerships, at the economic, industrial and commercial level, between the two countries of the greater Maghreb.

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