Axie Infinity (AXS) announces its development for 2022

Soufflé, is not played! – The SLP utility token of the play to earn of the year 2021 Axie Infinity follows the fall of Bitcoin. Earning money playing video games may therefore ultimately not be such an easy task in the world of NFT blockchain games. Aware of this loss of speed, the Axie Infinity team unveils a teaser foreshadowing an enticing year 2022. Will the recipe be the right one? Let’s do a check in.

Axie Infinity: play to earn for 2021 is no longer in fashion?

Axie Infinity is a NFT game on the ethereum blockchain. He uses the sidechain Ronin. In this game play to earn it is necessary to have a team of three Axies ( NFT) in order to make them fight in an arcade mode or in a player versus player mode. Each victory earns SLP (Small Love Potion, one of the tokens of the game).

Unfortunately, these SLPs are no longer up to date. Indeed, their prices low leaves Axie holders and scholarships bitter. A scholarship being a player who plays with Axies that are loaned to him in exchange for performance.

Often from southern countries; scholarships exchange their SLP earnings in FIAT currency. Lfunction of the token, initially utilitarian, thus finds itself diverted which contributes to this tumble. It is the indigestion of love potions for play to earn players.

Added to this is the announcement in early December, of a delay in the release of the Kingdom project the game project of lands (the fields). Those NFT plots all assemblies represent the lands of Lunacia, the homeland of Axie Infinity. The development of lands (already available for purchase on the Axie Infinity marketplace) nevertheless seemed necessary in the face of the play to earn competition at the end of the year. We will notice in passing that a Land has just been sold 22.45 ETH on January 2, 2022.

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The ingredients of Axie Infinity success: a teaser, a community and a… restaurant?

Source: Twitter @AxieInfinity

At the beginning of October 2021 Axie Infinity led a $ 152 million fundraiser that brought together investors as big as stock market giant FTX and venture capitalists Andreesen Horrowitz. This fundraising strengthens the development of the company Sky Mavis and allows him togrow your team. The team is now complete to develop the “Project K”.

The year 2022 therefore begins, with the promise of a sweet and tangy universe in 3d. The beginnings of gameplay development are also visible in these advertisement who very quickly made the mouth water of the Axian community (for example: collection of resources, burn of Axie, fight with armies of Axie

Axie Infinity: a greedy play to earn

Our vision for Project K is to introduce a whimsical and aesthetic world for Axie, made up of a number of interrelated game experiences built by Sky Mavis and, over time by the entire community. The aesthetic experience will be strong (…). “

The Lunacian (official journal of Axie Infinity).

Despite these turbulence, the game Axie Infinity remains however a successful model of play to earn. The examples surprising and funny of achievements locals are plentiful, as this tweet from the Axies Sisters, very influential members of the community, shows. We see a restaurant named after the successful crypto game, never seen on social networks. For some it is a new symbol of Axian success.

Tweet from the Axies Sisters leaving planner the mystery about the existence of an Axie Restaurant.
Source: Twitter; @Axiesisters

Carrots may not be cooked yet for Axie Infinity game. It would indeed seem that 2022 is full of promises for the play to earn game. However, it should be noted that despite the enthusiasm of the community, the curves of the AXS and SLP tokens have not yet really reacted to these announcements. Perhaps proof that despite many good intentions, it is time for Axie Infinity to sit down to the table and treat its players in February 2022 with the release of its new token, the RON.

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