Bitcoin at $ 100,000? This ultra-influential bank believes in 2022!

We told you yesterday morning: the price of Bitcoin, Ether and other crypto is in the process of unscrewing following an announcement by the American Fed which is preparing to end its program of treasury bond buybacks and is preparing for up to three key rate hikes. In other words the index which decides more or less the cost of the money. In recent months, the safest investments have barely paid off. In some cases, negative interest rates were even charged – leading some savers and investors to pay to keep their money on the same contracts.

Suddenly, the announcement of the rate hike had several effects. Some investors have turned away from crypto-assets and the stock markets to fall back on safer assets like bonds and commodities like gold which should benefit from this change in strategy. This does not necessarily mean either that it will be necessary to give up crypto in 2022. In fact, there is even every chance that prices will rebound quickly – which even allows to consider a price of Bitcoin to 100,000 dollars.

Do not part with your Bitcoin too quickly in 2022

A figure that may seem very high given the situation. And yet it is the highly respected and influential bank Goldman Sachs that predicts it. “We believe that bitcoin’s market share will most likely increase over time due to the wider adoption of digital assets,” said a bank official quoted by our colleagues at BFMTV. Goldman Sachs also believes that, contrary to what we suggest above, cryptocurrencies will eventually steal the spotlight from commodities, especially gold.

Goldman Sachs adds that Bitcoin currently only represents 20% of value stores. Which is already huge, since we are talking about a segment in which bitcoin competes with commodities and currencies. But according to the bank this proportion should quickly reach 50%, which is likely to increase prices on average between 17% and 18% per year in the next five years – which should inexorably allow the price of Bitcoin to exceed. 100,000 dollars. However, the bank is joined by other analysts, even more enthusiastic.

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According to Bloomberg’s Mick MacGlone, Bitcoin is likely to hit $ 100,000 by this year because of inflation in many economies, which reduces the attractiveness of currency investments. It is therefore certainly time to “buy the dip”, in other words take advantage of the decline to strengthen their crypto reserves. Note that two excellent platforms facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies: eToro and Zengo.

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