Bitcoin at an adoption dunk? 2 NBA stars paid in bitcoin

Pump and dunk in the NBA – Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise, bringing Bitcoin (BTC) into the NBA. To this end, Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson have just announced that they are partly paid in BTC. After conquering Coinbase, crypto partner of the NBA, it’s a new 3 points for the king of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin appeals to Warriors and Bulls

On January 10, Klay Thompson announced on his Twitter that he was partly paid in BTC. One day after his return to the courts, which he had had to leave for more than 2 years, the “splash brother” is therefore rather bullish. According to him, the dean of cryptos is the “currency of the future”.

Bitcoin, which had recently invaded the American football league (NFL), is now seducing the basketball and the stars of NBA.

Posted by Klay Thompson – Source: Twitter

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$1 million in BTC just for fans

The basketball player even organized a $1 million giveaway to distribute to his fans with one of his teammates. Indeed, Andre Iguodala, the All-Star player for the Golden States Warriors, adopted the same approach.

For information, this giveaway is organized in partnership with the application of the company Block, CashApp, which recently joined the Lightning Network of Bitcoin.

Twitter post Andre Iguodala paid in bitcoin giveaway 1 million dollars
Publication by Andre Iguodala – Source: Twitter

From the NFL to the NBA, there is only Bitcoin

This tendency started in the United States in May 2019 with the famous “pay me in bitcoin” by Russell Okung. If the NFL player was not the first to ask for his salary in BTC, we can say that he still launched a movement.

Indeed, in November 2021 the legend Aaron Rodgers had already declared that he wanted a part of his salary in BTC. Odell Beckham Jr., another NFL star, went even further, wanted to receive theentirety of his annual salary in BTC. Finally, in December 2021, the Patriots quarterback, McJones, capable Free BTCs to some of his teammates.

Today, more and more athletes love Bitcoin. After the commercial success of the NFT NBA application TopShot, it’s a safe bet that cryptos still have some nice rebounds ahead of them. Cryptocurrency salary payments are the future. Thompson and Iguodola have also decided to take advantage of it too… like the Sacramento Kings.

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