BitDAO Forms DAO With MIT, Harvard, Oxford And Other Universities To Promote Web 3.0

EduDAO, a DAO that brings together the most prestigious universities

New blockchain technologies attract more and more students from leading schools around the world. As demonstrated a Coinbase study, nearly half of American universities already offered courses on this subject in 2018.

Faced with this craze, BitDAO and its partner Mirana Ventures formed EduDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) bringing together universities from all over the world. BitDAO is obviously familiar with the principle of DAO, since the organization itself operates in this format, with more than 2.5 million assets under management.

“We have the ambition to help everyone to learn from A to Z, by providing them with the structure and the necessary resources, in order to get started in Web 3.0 and blockchain in the most meaningful way possible,” explained Jonathan Allen, Head of Partnerships at Mirana Ventures

EduDAO will bring together different student clubs blockchain enthusiasts and from prestigious universities from the United States, United Kingdom and China. These include Berkeley, Michigan, Harvard, MIT, Oxford and finally Tsinghua. Within this organization, BitDAO wishes to help identify and bring out the future blockchain experts of tomorrow.

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An initiative to promote research on the Web 3.0

The main objective of EduDAO is to subsidize research and accelerate innovation in the blockchain and Web 3.0 sector. Through funding, BitDAO wishes to provide student clubs with the essential resources and support to build innovative projects.

Although the short-term vision is to promote research and innovation within universities, Allen has also made it through BitDAO’s long-term ambition. The organization intends democratize education and revolutionize access to information for students. No matter what university he’s at, a student will have the necessary tools to train in the world of blockchain.

The operation of EduDAO will be financed directly from the treasury of BitDAO to the tune of $ 11 million per year. These funds will help student clubs to subsidize their research and to build innovative projects. They will be distributed every six months and the BitDAO board members reserve the right to cut them short if the DAO is not satisfactory.

In return for this funding, BitDAO expects members of EduDAO to support them in developing and building new tools. to improve their governance. They will also be responsible for contribute to the creation of new CAD projects innovative and ambitious.

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