Blockchain: Huawei globally launches Cloud Blockchain Service

Huawei Cloud, the cloud services arm of Huawei Global, has announced the launch of its Blockchain Service BCS (Blockchain Service).

After marketing the service for China in early October, Huawei is globally launching its blockchain service BCS (Blockchain Service).

Hyperledger and Kubernetes at the heart of BCS

Accessible from the international Huawei Cloud website, the new offering allows companies to develop, deploy and manage blockchain applications (DApps for Decentralized Blockchain).

Built on the Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 framework and Kubernetes Container Deployment Service, BCS offers easy setup and deployment in minutes.

No wonder since in 2016, the Chinese firm joined the open source Hyperledger project hosted by the Linux Foundation. Huawei has been a notable contributor to this project.

A vast field of operation of the service

Developers and businesses can use the company’s blockchain service in data applications, Internet of Things (IoT), identity authentication, proof of information, remote healthcare, and management IoT devices.

Huawei Cloud is also working on the development of its blockchain platform to offer technical support to companies developing blockchain applications and solutions.

One of the benefits highlighted in the press release is the low cost of deployment and lower O&M costs through unified management and its security and privacy protections.

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