Blockchain: launches research lab, China’s largest retailer, is launching a blockchain-based technology research lab.

At a launch event in Beijing, showcased a research lab based on blockchain-based technologies.

The Chinese online retailer said the lab is being launched in cooperation with the Ying Wu College of Computing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and the Software Institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS).

Blockchain from all angles

The lab in question will focus on research and several major underlying technologies, including consensus protocol, privacy protection and access control, resilient cryptographic algorithms, smart contracts, trust, auditing and oversight, as well as the integration of multiple technologies.

In this enterprise, Jian Pei, president of JD Big Data and intelligent supply chain, Qiang Tang, assistant professor of Ying Wu College of Computing and Zhenfeng Zhang, deputy chief engineer of ISCAS, will be at the fore.

Jian Pei believes ” With over 300 million customers, recognizes the essential role that Blockchain plays in improving supply chain transparency and in providing Chinese consumers with greater peace of mind. with regard to product quality and safety “. at the forefront of the blockchain has started using blockchain in its operations, in partnership with meat supplier InterAgri, to better track its supply.

The group also worked with Xingye Bank and Huatai Securities for the launch of its blockchain-powered asset-backed securities and partnered with IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, among others, to launch a Blockchain as a Service platform. (BaaS).

Last August, the Chinese retail group launched JD Blockchain Open Platform, a platform that allows its customers to create, host and use their dApps (decentralized applications) on this open platform.

In this logic, the Chinese group has notably collaborated with China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC) for the traceability of electronic invoices.

(Photo credit: Montri Nipitvittaya-Shutterstock)

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