Brave and Solana, hand in hand

During the Solana Breakpoint 2021 event, in Portugal, Brave (BAT) and Solana Labs announced joint integration which will allow the browser to support Solana wallets (SOL) and its applications (dApps). The integration will take place in the first half of 2022.

Thereby, more than 42 million Brave users will soon be able to access dApps running on Solana. The operation could therefore prove to be very beneficial for the activity of the network. Until now, Brave only supported the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Brave CEO and Co-Founder Brendan Eich said the following about this development:

“As more users and creators alike need tools that enable fast and affordable access to the decentralized web, this integration will pave the way for wider adoption. “

Today, Brave is currently the third most downloaded internet browser, after Opera and Google Chrome.

According to the official announcement, the browser turns to Solana because of the speed of the network and the low transaction fees. Indeed, a simple transaction on Solana costs only 0.000005 SOL, or about $ 0.001, according to data from Solana Beach.

These low fees could make the interaction with cryptocurrencies much more attractive, especially for the “next billion cryptocurrency users” planned by Brendan Eich.

Currently, Phantom is Solana’s main portfolio. In other words, Phantom is therefore to Solana what MetaMask is to Ethereum: a wallet that users can use to store, send and receive cryptocurrency.

Phantom is said to have one million active users already. While these numbers are lower than MetaMask’s, Phantom’s current success is remarkable considering the wallet has been up and running for less than a year. In addition, this figure could increase quickly after integration into the Brave browser.

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