Good news that will not surprise anyone – Paypal just announced in the evening that its payments application would now allow you to pay in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, as easily as with any other more traditional currency. A new possibility that could massively boost the adoption and democratization of crypto assets.

Paypal and Bitcoin: obvious

Of course, anyone who is a bit concerned with the crypto industry and at least connected to Bitcoin news will consider that this is just the logical sequence of things, both Paypal and Bitcoin have been around for a long time. Nevertheless, the news has its small effect: Paypal has indeed announced in the evening that BTC and crypto payments became officially available on the eponymous application.

Information which therefore sounds like a (happy) cannon shot, in a crypto market with a notoriously gloomy atmosphere in recent days. The official website has already been updated and accompanied by small tutorials full of color and cheerfulness, enough to reassure the tens of millions of users of Paypal solutions, not necessarily accustomed to the cultural codes of the purely crypto ecosystem. .

In addition to Bitcoin, Paypal will offer to use various other crypto assets like Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash for daily payments.

Make no mistake: while the announcement was predictable, it is nonetheless historic! Will this be the booster that global adoption is sorely lacking? And more prosaically, will this news be the spark that will restart a crypto bull run currently on hold? We’ll talk about it soon on the Journal du Coin!

It is quite simply today: the best possible day to finally get interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and why not start positioning yourself! Do not wait any longer register on the benchmark crypto exchange FTX. A lifetime reduction in your trading fees awaits you thanks to the JDC affiliate link.


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