Bufalo metaverse concert: join the JDC on the track of the dance and house event!

The Journal du Coin is celebrating!We understand that 2022 will be partly the year of metaverses. Decentraland, the king of virtual events organizes increasingly popular metaverse parties. Bufalo, French artist and DJ, used to turntables, participates in one of these evenings as part of his Metaverse Tour. Light on an artist 3.0: Bufalo, the metaverse bullish, whom we met.

Who is Bufalo, metaverse artist?

It all started in 2012, when the young DJ graduated as a valedictorian from the UCPA (electronic music school). Shortly after, under another name, he began his career as a DJ. This first adventure lasts 6 years. Then 2017, a tumultuous year for the crypto financial markets, Bufalo discovered crypto. Persevering, he does not give up and continues to learn about the world of blockchain and its ecosystem. In 2019, our DJ decided to bring Western music up to date in his mixes: it was the birth of Bufalo.

When I did my first date in the metaverse, I felt similar feelings to what I felt in the club when I first started. »


Then 2021, the pandemic got the better of the middle of the show. Many artists from the world of the night like Steve Aoki, Don Diablo or even 3Lau (music in the form of NFTs) try their hand at metaverse. The obvious and almost epidemic enthusiasm around this universe. These evenings are right for Bufalo: it will therefore be the metaverse for him.

With this Covid era, the metaverse is coming into our lives. It can meet strong demand. For some, meetings and other aperitifs via social networks are already a custom.. »


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A DJ in harmony with the metaverse.

Bufalo is therefore part of this new generation of artists wanting to think outside the box. Decentralized music that ignores labels. Thus, the metaverse provides the artist with another relationship with his audience. A public that he wishes to thank for the support he gives him.

“There are things that happen between the virtual audience and the DJ. In my opinion, any artist who wants to be professional will have a physical tour and a tour in the metaverse. »

Bufalo Metaverse Tour Dates. Source: @Twitter

Bufalo believes in this new dynamic which aims to make artists freer, more independent and closer than ever to their community even if, paradoxically, this takes place in a virtual universe.

Little by little, it’s already on the way. Social networks show it. We are moving towards a digitization of leisure, without losing reality. »

In addition to the tour and the concert Bufalo has launched three projects around very distinct NFTs:

  • Bufalo NFT Releases: music in the form of NFT with unlimited license (music free of rights but whose intellectual content still belongs to the artist).
  • Buckwild On the Vynils (BOTW): bull skull NFT giving the right to many advantages (access to titles in advance, invitation to events where the artist performs, airdrop of a Bufalo Wearables Skull for Decentraland for example).
  • Two collections of wearables: Bufalo Wearables Skull for Decentraland and the Bfl Hats (wearables in the making).

Also, in this partition, Le Journal du Coin is delighted to support and be a partner of the Bufalo Concert on January 15, 2022, at the SugarClub in Decentraland from 7:20 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.. This tour aims to familiarize the public with the metaverse and to democratize access to this new type of concert. And that, we love! In this sense, Bufalo’s concerts and performances are broadcast by Radio FG (radio specializing in dance and house music).

“The aim of this approach is to ‘onboard’ people who don’t know the metaverse via the power of a radio. The person in his car can realize that what he is listening to is really an evening that is happening. There are participants from all over the world attending remotely, or in person, in Decentraland’s SugarClub. »

A bearded Avatar in the center of Decentraland in front of the Metaverse Tour Billboard.
Metaverse Tour billboard in Decentraland. Source: @Twitter

The metaverse: a real and parallel world

The curious or music lovers will then be able to follow this performance in different ways: either via Radio FG and their social networks (video broadcast) or, like us, via the SugarClub directly in Decentraland.

To have access to the evening in Decentraland, you will only have to connect via the link which will be broadcast before the event on the social networks of Buffalo and Radio FG.

You will have two options:

  • Enter as a guest, without identifying yourself and for free.
  • Enter for free by connecting your Wallet Metamask.

It’s just a click away and it’s free (…) Here is a parallel hobby that can be freely enjoyed. »

The DJ’s Metavers Tour will continue with a concert at the NFT Paris on January 22, 2022. Until then, one thing is certain is that after this interview our dear CryptoBlacksheep and Magali met today, this January 15 in the Decentraland metaverse at 7 p.m. to attend Bufalo’s set. And you, are you coming?

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