Connecting Your Crypto Wallet to Twitter – Funny Bird’s Idea

The little bird will come out For several months, Jack Dorsey’s former company has been incubating his precious project: that of being able to link a wallet (wallet) to his Twitter account. Soon, those who want to put their NFT avatar and Twitter banner will be served.

A crypto wallet on Twitter?

Since November 2021, Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, is not not at his first attempt in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its place in the ecosystem Bitcoin (BTC) is even more important with its electronic payment company Block (formerly Square). Defining himself as a maximalist, Dorsey would even be in the process of setting up a mining farm of BTC.

The use of its own NFT as an avatar or Twitter banner further confirms its adherence to the crypto universe.

Publication by Roman Tirone – Source: Twitter

In addition, Roman Timon, mastermind of Virtually Human Studio (VHS), revealed a screenshot of a wallet verification through Twitter itself.

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Twitter wants to get high

Note that external extensions already allow you to link your NFTs to Twitter, for example through the application MaskNetwork. It also allows you to link your Metamask account to the social network. NFTs can then be put into an avatar (even animated NFTs).

But the exercise is not easy. There are multiple wallets, and Twitter is obviously looking for simplicity for its users. MaskNetwork offers, for example, to open a wallet (associated with a seed phrase) that links to Twitter.

It seems that in the next world, Twitter simplifies things with a directly verified wallet through the social network. Thus, users will have direct access to the wallet on the social network, without go through a intermediate. In our example, the MaskNetwork extension is the middleman.

In the war on NFTs and new technologies, Twitter may have found the rare bird. Able to stand on its own two feet, the social network seems to be one step ahead of its competitors. ATtherefore, will we soon connect our wallet to Twitter as we connect it today to OpenSea?

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