Since its creation in 2017, the French company Just Mining has climbed the ranks of the crypto ecosystem by offering a set of services around blockchain technology, grouped into three segments: mining, staking, and masternodes.

Today, among the rare French players in the sector possessing the precious PSAN sesame issued by the financial market authority, Just Mining is the only one to launch a new “DeFi” by offering its clients the opportunity to participate in crowdloans, directly from their platform. What is it about ? How to take advantage of it? We tell you everything.

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Parachains, challenges and pillars of Polkadot technology (among others …)

To cross a new level in scalability, and turn the page on first generation monolithic blockchains, many protocols which Polkadot have implemented the concept of parachains. A structure that allows the main chain, the “relay chain” to devote itself to a regulatory role.

Polkadot blockchain technology is based on an architecture composed of parachains that relieve the mainnet of a large part of the operations and unleash its potential.
Parachains revolve around the central blockchain network, the relay chain

Different protocols, with diverse and varied aims, will invest and develop the famous parachains to carry out their activity in parallel with the Polkadot relaychain. A distribution of tasks that avoids congestion of the global network and neutralizes the explosion of time and the price of the slightest transaction.

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Thus, a project wishing to take advantage of the Polkadot network will be able to claim one of the available parachains. In a way he’s going to ask privatize a guaranteed part of the resource of the main protocol in order to offer its services to its users. Of course, many projects are in the running for a parachain, and this is where the crowdloan principle finds its full meaning.

The different crypto projects are fighting to gain access to the parachains of polkadot in a race for endowments which will determine the winning protocol
The allocation of parachains is the scene of real wars of communication between crypto projects in search of recognition

Crowdloans, in search of popular legitimacy

The interest of a primary blockchain network being obviously of bring together as many high value-added projects as possible to grow its ecosystem, Polkadot decided to apply a selection system based on legitimacy. Thus, it is the community invested behind each project that will be able to make it win the coveted parachain during what is similar to a “ballot race”, organized by the network.

The principle is ultimately quite simple. It is bet on your champion by blocking in its favor your $ DOT, the native Polkadot token. These tokens will then be blocked on the protocol for a time to represent in a way the relevance of a project, and concretely illustrate the appetite of his community for the product he wants to offer.

The community is a determining factor in the allocation of parachains, since polkadot is based on the endowments provided by users to determine which crypto projects will obtain access.
Due to its endowments, the community is decisive in the allocation of parachains

The project that raised the most $ DOT will therefore win the auction. For making this victory possible, you will be rewarded by the team you have supported. A reward in the form of the coin resulting from the project which will be distributed according to the terms specific to each company. This issue is carried out anyway always on 3 criteria that must be understood before investing your $ DOT:

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  • The duration receivership of your $ DOT, and the profit to be made from this period that can vary from one month to 6 years, according to the protocol.
  • The ratio, namely the number of tokens to obtain according to the number of $ DOT you will block.
  • The “lockup”, or the distribution rate of the tokens obtained, since it is often preferable to distill them over time so as not to cause massive sell-offs on a specific date.

Just Mining opens the door to the Polkadot parachains

Investing in these crowdloans has long been a tedious process for the general public. Based on complex architectures, the process was struggling to find its investors, most of whom remained stuck at the foot of the technological wall. An observation that will push the teams Just mining to offer the first French-speaking portal allowing simple, direct and secure access to these opportunities. To access it, nothing could be simpler, you will first need to create your Just Mining account.

Just Mining offers to simplify access to Polkadot crowdloans directly from your user interface
The process of participating in Polkadot crowdloans is greatly facilitated by Just Mining

Then, until December 16, 2021, you can go to the Just Mining website, discover, and possibly position yourself on the projects concerned by the crowdloan which is currently being held. Three very different products that have many strengths and developed by solid teams:

  • Moonbeam : A decentralized smart-contracts platform. Its aim is to make the Polkadot ecosystem interoperable with that of Ethereum, before expanding to other blockchains soon.
  • Acala : A platform aiming to offer DeFi services on Polkadot like what platforms like Aave, Curve or Maker can offer. It is in particular at the origin of the aUSD, first stablecoin based on Polkadot.

Phala Network : A blockchain allowing the establishment of confidential smart contracts as well as cloud computing services that prioritize the protection of the private data of its users.

Crowdloans have long been the sole prerogative of a technological and financial elite reluctant to democratize these IPOs (initial parachain offering), to the chagrin of projects that often struggled to find their audience and the necessary support.

With an intuitive interface, clearly displayed costs, and a passion for blockchain technology that has not been denied for years, Just Mining now offers you the opportunity to finally take part in what promises to be one of the developments major players in the crypto industry.

If you too want to get into the crypto bath, are interested in crowdloans and would like to take advantage of the many advantages offered by Just Mining, you can at the same time support the work of your favorite media by using our affiliate link to create your account.


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