Stacktical is a start-up specializing in the management of IT services founded in 2016 in Paris. In its early days, this company developed a tool for monitoring and analyzing data which allowed many protocols to gain in strength and capacity.

Today, it allows online service providers to offer their customers insurance coverage against contingencies, such as malfunctions or outages, sometimes synonymous with abysmal losses. A once tedious administrative process, but today automated by the magic of Stacktical smart-contracts.

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Stacktical, a concrete answer to a real problem

When an IT service is subscribed, the quality of services is guaranteed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA), a set of specifications that the service provider has a duty to respect. If the service in question experiences delays, interruptions or causes financial losses to the customer, the SLA allows you to claim compensation. However, until now, obtaining redress has remained a very complex legal process.

Obtaining redress in the event of an IT service malfunction is sometimes an obstacle course that blockchain can help simplify.
Legal services behave like real predators in the face of consumer demands

Stacktical now proposes to automate this process thanks to blockchain technology. If the supplier does not respect the commitments made with the user, then, smart contracts come into play to automatically compensate the latter.

Far from being anecdotal, these “decentralized” SLAs (or DSLAs) see their use cases explode by extending their area of ​​expertise to some DeFi protocols such as staking for example, and even become additional sources of income for liquidity providers.

Provide service with Stacktical

For example, if a DeFi platform wishes to offer its customers coverage as part of its staking offer, it suffices to go to the Stacktical “marketplace” and follow the following steps:

The Stacktical marketplace allows you to choose a DSLA to join in order to be protected in the event of the use of faulty DeFi protocols
Stacktical offers a marketplace hosted on the blockchain, and crypto guarantees
  • Choose an existing DSLA or create your own, on one of the many blockchains supported by the Stacktical application
  • Deposit crypto-currencies as a user to cover against risk, like insurance taken out. It is also possible to deposit as a liquidity provider to, conversely, help guarantee risk, and be rewarded for it.
  • Check the SLA

The SLAs checked on the application will provide a guarantee of one week by default, but this time can be adapted to uses to cover different intervals: hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annually. For example, a user seeking to cover himself for 3 weeks will therefore have to deposit your cryptos in pools which, put end to end, will represent 3 weeks of service activity.

A clear interface to deposit the coins that will guarantee you to be compensated in the event of a problem during your DeFi investments
The period to be insured may sometimes require membership in several DSLAs

When it expires, the agreement is either honored or broken. If the agreement has been honored, then liquidity providers can claim tokens deposited by policyholders. On the other hand, in the event of a rupture, the latter can claim their compensation by digging into the tokens of liquidity providers.

Stacktical’s offer can therefore assimilate to a predictive market on the proper functioning of a service, such as the staking chosen for our example. This new way of verifying, automating and implementing SLAs increases their transparency and greatly facilitates their application. Stacktical thus hopes to enable more individuals and businesses to benefit from their advantages, while helping suppliers improve the quality of their services and business results.

Stacktical helps create a climate of trust in DeFi protocols often put to the test by cybercrime
The Stacktical protocol is a real crypto-asset in the provider / customer relationship

DSLA Academy

Branding being one of the cornerstones of entrepreneurial success, the future of the DSLA sector lies in its ability to bring added value to this relationship of trust between the client and the company. A challenge for a new, still little-known area of ​​blockchain expertise, which will have to find the means to make its place and disseminate its knowledge to the crypto community.

Stacktical therefore opted for the establishment of a DSLA academy. An original interactive learning experience using NFT technology as a vector. Indeed, the tokenization of knowledge is a new area to explore for these famous Non Fungible Token and Stacktical sees it as an opportunity to weld a user base around the value they contain, as well as the benefits they bring.

NFTs are a cornerstone of the business strategy developed by Stacktical and hosted on the blockchain
Stacktical invents the tokenization of knowledge through NFT having many capacities and granting certain privileges

By November 30, no less than 101 NFT from the “Genesis” collection will be minted and distributed randomly to investors holding at least 100,000 DSLA. Unique tokens with random features whose inspiration lies at the heart of the commitments made by the company. They will provide their holders with several advantages, including the reduction in costs inherent in the use of Stacktical services.

While the service provider market has a lot to gain from SLAs to increase and retain customers, these contracts are still under-exploited, and policyholders often struggle to obtain compensation. The solution developed by Stacktical automates this process to obtain fast and secure compensation, without any additional steps.

An assurance that has already convinced many DeFi protocols hosted on 6 different blockchains. A concept that only asks to extend beyond the strict crypto ecosystem, to integrate blockchain technology a little more every day at the heart of our daily lives.


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