Discord will allow connection to Ethereum (ETH) wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect

Discord CEO announces compatibility with MetaMask and WalletConnect wallets

Jason Lemon, the creator and CEO of Discord, just announced support for two Ethereum (ETH) wallets on the instant messaging app. In response to a tweet from Packy McCormick, founder of Not Boring, the creator of the platform posted a screenshot showing the compatibility of MetaMask and WalletConnect, two very popular wallets.

Apparently, Discord will allow an Ethereum wallet to be connected by going to the Connections section of the social network. This feature currently allows you to connect Facebook, Github, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Steam, Twitch or even Xbox Live accounts to Discord.

On the screenshot posted by Jason Citron, we see that it will be possible todisplay an Ethereum account on a Discord profile. These options are not yet available on the platform. The creator of Discord did not say more about the integration of wallets. We imagine that the integration of wallets will allow creators to easily receive donations in cryptocurrency, or even to display or exchange non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Jason Citron’s announcement provoked mixed reactions on Twitter. While many internet users praised Discord’s decision, some users fear that integrating Ethereum wallets will make theft and scams easier.

Other internet users, firmly opposed to digital currencies, have reused the usual clichés to denigrate the sector, such as ecology or money laundering. Many of them threaten to cancel their subscription to Discord Nitro, the premium offer that offers a series of benefits.

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Social networks turn to cryptocurrencies

Discord’s shift to cryptocurrency comes as no big surprise. The platform designed by Jason Citron is very popular with investors in the cryptoasset industry. Many influencers, traders and media dedicated to digital currencies trade through Discord.

Discord isn’t the only social network embracing digital currencies. Recently, Twitter introduced Bitcoin (BTC) tips with Lightning Network integration. The platform founded by Jack Dorsey is committed to integrate NFTs in the near future. This is also the case for TikTok, the social network from China. The video sharing service will distribute NFTs through celebrity partnerships. What will be the next social network to launch?

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