Food traceability: Carrefour relies on Blockchain and QR-Code

The Blockchain benefits the mass distribution sectors and in particular the food sector. In any case, this is the assessment that Carrefour draws up after having used technology to trace meat, milk and fruit.

In addition to ensuring inventory tracking, the technology also allows the consumer to securely check the detailed information of the product to learn more about its production date, its origin, the presence of pesticides, or different treatments.

This information is available by reading a simple QR-Code with the smartphone.

Carrefour has thus tested secure monitoring via the Blockchain on around twenty products, in particular chicken, eggs, pork, milk, cheese and oranges.

Building on the success of this experiment, the company now wants to add around 100 additional products and Carrefour will target areas that go hand in hand with customer safety. This is particularly the case for products intended for babies, organic food and cosmetics.

According to the data collected, the customers who use these QR-Codes the most are not those who buy the most products, but those who are looking for quality and ethics in production.

To adapt the technology to its field of activity, Carrefour has worked with IBM since October 2018 as part of the Food Trust ecosystem.

Laurent Vallée, General Secretary of Carrefour, considered “that being a founding member of the IBM Food Trust platform is a great opportunity for Carrefour to accelerate and broaden the integration of blockchain technology into our products in order to provide our reliable and indisputable traceability ”.

Concretely, having been used during all the transactions, the blockchain will here make it possible to know the origin of the products in the space of a few seconds. Enough to stop the distribution of a product in the slightest doubt about its origin, for example.

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