GameStop is recruiting 20 people to manage its future NFTs marketplace

GameStop advances in its NFTs platform project

In an article relayed by the Wall Street Journal, we learn that the company GameStop recruited 20 people to create a platform non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The objective of the company is obviously to allow its future users buy, sell and trade NFTs focused on video game items. This corresponds, for example, to clothes or even weapons for avatars.

This advert gave some momentum to the GameStop (GME) action. Indeed, after the publication of the Wall Street Journal article, the price jumped almost 30% to reach 170 dollars.

In addition to the creation of a division dedicated to NFTs, GameStop would be currently in talks with cryptocurrency companies for the development of a blockchain game using NFTs.

Nevertheless, the company remains discreet about the progress of the development of its platform. In this sense, it is interesting to note that this initiative started in May 2021.

At that time, GameStop just made himself known by the WallStreetBets case. Since then, the latter seems to want to tackle the field of blockchain.

Also, it appears that the launch of the platform would be for this new year, but no information has been confirmed by the company.

An ever-present craze for NFTs

This sector has experienced a huge success during the year 2021. Indeed, the volume of NFTs has exploded by + 43,000% in one year. So, it is not surprising to understand the creation of this kind of platform on the part of GameStop.

In addition, it is quite possible that the NFTs will again be highlighted for this new year. Recently, the world’s largest NFTs platform OpenSea completed a new round of financing that brings its valuation to $ 13.3 billion.

Finally, the report of Coinbase pressed this enthusiasm for non-fungible tokens, stating in particular that brands will move more and more towards this field.

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