Gaming giant Square Enix reveals crypto ambitions for 2022

Now is the time for improvement – Already in 2019, Ubisoft was interested in blockchain opportunities for the video game industry. This French video game publisher was a pioneer with this interest. Other international video game publishers, such as Square Enix, have found it more difficult to see the opportunities of these interactions. However, the Japanese publisher seriously wants to take an interest in it in 2022.

The year 2022 of Square Enix under the sign of NFT and blockchain games

The President of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, addressed a greeting letter to its users, somewhat peculiar. Indeed, after laconically wishing Happy New Year, he went straight to the subject of metaverse and all the attention it got. He thus takes the example of Facebook who decided to change its name to Meta in October 2021.

Subsequently, Matsuda also dwells on the subject of non-fungible tokens (NFT) who, too, have met with adherence by thousands of users. However, he also notes that some NFTs ultimately turned out to be assets with a strong speculative dimension.

Regardless, the president of Square Enix said his company will be focusing this year on the edition of games using tokens and technologies blockchains. Without putting aside the classic games that he calls “Centralized games”, Square Enix will gradually incorporate them into its catalog.

Finally, Yosuke Matsuda did not detailed what types of games would be developed, or even what are the technologies that will be mobilized initially.

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An announcement that does not delight all Square Enix players

In the same letter, the President of Square Enix declared himself aware of the risk that his announcement does not please all players of the brand:

“I am aware that some ‘play for fun’ people and currently form the majority of players who have expressed reservations about these new trends and that’s understandable. However, I think there will be a number of people whose motivation will be to ‘play to contribute’, that is, to help make the game more exciting. The traditional game offered no explicit incentive to this latter group of people (…). “

Indeed, players unhappy with this announcement immediately reacted to Yosuke Matsuda’s comments on Reddit. Many players have pointed outenvironmental impact cryptocurrencies and related technologies, such as NFTs.

Reactions to Yosuke Matsuda’s announcement – Source: Reddit

This has already been underlined in the introduction, but it should be emphasized that Square Enix has already fallen behind its French competitor Ubisoft. Indeed, the French company, after having integrated the Tezos network (XTZ) as a validator node, launched the beta of its NFT platform called Ubisoft Quartz. However, you should never claim victory too quickly, because at the moment, Ubisoft Quartz tends more towards failure than success.

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