General Assembly of the Cercle du Coin

The next ordinary general meeting of the Corner Circle, French-speaking association on Bitcoin, decentralized currencies and blockchains, will take place Thursday, January 26, 2022 at 6 p.m. at the Zango café, 15 rue du Cygne Paris 1er. The event is reserved for members up to date with the subscription.

Due to the health crisis, the association’s activity has been reduced in 2021. Nevertheless, we will remember the sponsorship operations towards the African continent (Crypto Carla and Kiveclair), a Franco-Belgian meet-up in Soignies, and, throughout the year, numerous appearances by Cercle members in the French, Swiss and even Salvadoran media!

In addition to the approval of the accounts, the setting of the amount of the contributions and the partial renewal of the Board of Directors, this General Assembly will be the occasion to initiate a reflection on the purpose of the association which, having reached “the age of reason”, can now aim for new goals beyond a convivial Circle for sharing ideas and encouraging initiatives.

the Corner Circle currently has 129 members, including 89 natural members and 30 legal entities. Memberships are open to everyone.

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