Here’s how much iPhones would have cost you if you could have bought them in Bitcoin on each release

Twitter accounts Blockworks and CryptoManiaks concocted a price index for iPhone in Bitcoin when they were released. The opportunity to see how rich the holders of cryptocurrencies have become with the explosion of the price, and to qualify their volatile dimension a little. IPhones are relatively expensive smartphones – especially compared to their competition when they first came out, and especially when the market was a little less saturated than it is today.

The index concocted by Blockworks does not go back to iterations prior to the iPhone 4. Indeed, the smartphone was launched in 2010, while the Bitcoin blockchain has only been available since the end of 2009. At the time, a bitcoin was worth much less than a euro. The value of a unit was mainly negotiated between users on specialized forums. To give you an idea, one of the first transactions in 2010 was to buy a pizza worth a few dollars … or 10,000 bitcoin.

Do you have Bitcoin? Here’s how much iPhones would have cost you when they were released

In this case according to the calculations of Blockworks, when the iPhone 4 was released (629 €), 1 BTC was equal to approximately 0.22 €. But from the next generation, the price rose significantly above 1 euro per Bitcoin. Thus Bitcoin holders could have bought the iPhone 5 (679 €) when it was released for the modest sum of 16.6 BTC (at a price of around 40.90 € per Bitcoin). But the crazy rise in prices did not stop there.

The iPhone 6 (709 €) was equivalent when it was released to only 2.17 Bitcoin (1 BTC was then exchanged € 326.73). The price of the iPhone 7 (€ 890) was equivalent to 1.28 Bitcoin (i.e. 1 BTC = € 754.24). Then we go down to less than one Bitcoin from the iPhone 8 (€ 809, or 1 BTC = € 3,370.83). The highly demanded iPhone X (€ 1,159) was already worth “only” 0.16 BTC (or 1 BTC = € 7,243.75). The iPhone 11 (809 €) could be bought for 0.14 BTC (1 BTC = 5,578.57 €).

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And we don’t even tell you about the iPhone 12 (€ 809) and 13 (€ 809), at 0.06 BTC and 0.02 BTC respectively, while the cryptocurrency was trading at € 13,483.33 and 40,450 respectively. €. As of this writing 1 BTC is trading for € 51,627.20. Bitcoin has often been criticized for the supposed volatility of its price. But what we see with these indices modeled on the price of iPhones is that the trend is ultimately always upwards as soon as we extend the timescale a little and compare prices. between two generations (2 years) rather than two iterations (1 year).

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