Hyperledger Global Forum 2018: the consortium attracts 16 new members (Alibaba, Deutsche Telekom …)

16 new members, including Alibaba Cloud and Deutsche Telekom, join the ranks of the consortium focused on private blockchains.

Special envoy to Bâle – Created by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger presents itself as an open source project and a consortium which brings together no less than 260 members. A challenge for a project founded only 3 years ago, but also the testimony of a real enthusiasm for this open source platform.

A real craze

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, believes that “The growing Hyperledger community reflects the growing importance of open source efforts to create enterprise blockchain technologies in all industries and in all markets “.

Illustration on the occasion of the Hyperledger Global Forum 2018, during which we could see a myriad of sectors interested in the Hyperledger platform.

It must be said that it benefits from a large community of contributors at the origin in particular of 5 frameworks (Fabric but also Sawtooth, Burrow, Indy and the Japanese Iroha) in phase with various issues. Many tools also revolve around them that enrich the field of possibilities for companies wishing to turn to Hyperledger. We think of course of Composer, Caliper, Cello, Explorer, Quilt and Ursa. Under the seal of encryption, the latter has recently been launched and already has many followers.

An ecosystem that attracts companies wanting to contribute to the open source Hyperledger project.

Over 260 members

Here is the list of the 16 new members of the Hyperledger consortium unveiled at the Hyperledger Forum in Basel: Alibaba Cloud (cloud computing subsidiary of Alibaba), We.Trade (trade finance platform based on blockchain technology), the financial services company Citigroup and its subsidiary City Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, BlockDao, Xooa, Guangzhishu Technology, Guangzhou Technology Innovation Space Information Technology, KEB Hana Bank, HealthVerity, Techrock and MediConCen.
The Business School of Hunan University and the Association of Blockchain Developers of St. Petersburg are also among the recognized new associate members.

This now brings the membership of the Hyperledger consortium to over 260.

The next steps

Add to this that the Fabric framework, the base of Hyperledger, should be released in version 1.4 before the end of this year, as announced during this forum.

Next step: the certification of the cloud providers of this project supported by the Linux Foundation.

The certification will help prove to customers that Hyperledger can scale with the addition of new nodes and in multi-cloud environments.

All of this is on track, with AWS already announcing that Hyperledger was on its IaaS in November.

(Photo credit: Renald Boulestin / Silicon.fr)

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