Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked – Promotes Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter account attacked

Those who took to the Indian Prime Minister’s Twitter account yesterday were surprised to learn two things. On the one hand, India would have adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, and on the other, the government plans to distribute BTC to residents of the country:

Source: Ben Schaack via Twitter

The tweet was obviously a fake. It relies on recent decisions by El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender this year, and which distributed $ 30 in BTC to its residents a few months ago.

The message was quickly deleted. It is not known if any people were victims of the scam. The ministry simply said that the Twitter account had been ” very briefly compromised, and that tweets shared in the meantime should be ignored.

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No adoption of Bitcoin in India

Would this be a habit for the Indian Prime Minister? In December 2020, his Twitter account had already been compromised. The hackers this time invited users to send bitcoins, allegedly intended to help the country fight the Covid-19 crisis.

We will of course remember that no head of state – not even the impulsive Nayib Bukele – would announce the adoption of Bitcoin without warning in advance, and that we must therefore stay away from any declaration. of this type… Especially since India has not been particularly tender with cryptocurrencies lately.

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