Institutional AAVE, the DeFi that fascinates Swiss bankers

The Aave lending protocol recently created a series of pools specifically dedicated to institutional investors: Aave Arc. These pools are intended to facilitate the entry of institutional investors into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). However, Aave Arc is currently only accessible to users who have been authorized, or in other words whitelisted. Thus, the Swiss bank SEBA has just submitted its request to Aave Arc in order to be recognized as whitelister.

Is SEBA Bank going to enter decentralized finance?

The information was provided by Aave Arc : the Swiss bank SEBA has just submitted a request to be accepted on the whitelist of Arc. In the event that its request is accepted, SEBA Bank may participate in the governance of Aave Arc built after a decentralized model.

SEBA Bank has requested this authorization from Aave Arc in order to allow their institutional investors to expose oneself to decentralized finance market (DeFi). The bank thus declared:

“Our investors are now showing great interest in accessing returns in DeFi protocols. Due to various state regulatory restrictions, SEBA’s institutional clients have not been able to raise large-scale liquidity in Aave so far. “

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The potential contributions of SEBA Bank to AAVE

In its request, SEBA took care to detail what it could bring to the Aave community. As such, she insists on the fact that she has a solid base of institutional investors very cheerful at the idea of ​​taking advantage of opportunities offered by DeFi. These investors could contribute to the growth of Aave Arc by considerably increasing the volumes generated by the protocol.

In addition, it seems that the announcement of the filing of SEBA’s application had a positive effect on the price of the Aave token. Indeed, this one recorded a increase of about 45% within 48 hours which followed this declaration made official on December 21 by Aave.

AAVE / USD price daily on Coinbase.  The announcement of the application filed by SEBA Bank had a positive effect on the price of Aave.
AAVE / USD in daily

However, decentralized finance does not only bring opportunities. It also has its share of drawbacks with DeFi protocols that do not offer necessarily a sufficient degree of security. For example, very recently 30 million dollars were hacked for 6 long hours from the DeFi protocol, Grim Finance.

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