Launch of the beta version of Condensat, a Bitcoin bank

Julien guitton announced this week the launch of the private beta version of Condensat, a Bitcoin bank dedicated to businesses, merchants who wish to accept bitcoin and individuals.

Regulated in Switzerland, Condensat aims to offer a solution that is simple in its use and in its business model (0.2% on outgoing transactions), in particular to all companies which, because they work with Bitcoin, have difficulties in finding a banking partner.

Entirely focused on Bitcoin, Condensat offers an application that allows you to receive and send instantly and confidentially (using the TOR network), fiat currencies, bitcoin and assets issued on the sidechain Liquid.

The company, which is currently developing on support for the Lightning Network, is working with in partnership with Paymium for the bitcoin / euro exchange and Bity for the Swiss franc. Other partnerships will be developed during the second quarter, in particular in order to be able to provide customers with their own IBAN and a credit card.

About the beta version:

On the TOR browser: http://condensat77h5dzs5vtnng6finwyyswqw42lmdud4pwdggjx2mlsilad.onion/

On Twitter : @condensat_bank

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