MicroStrategy takes advantage of falling Bitcoin price to buy additional 1,434 BTC

More Bitcoin (BTC) for MicroStrategy

It is now a monthly or even weekly habit. American company MicroStrategy comes, once again, to procure additional BTC.

This time the company bought 1,434 bitcoins for the equivalent of $ 82.4 million. MicroStrategy so bought these BTC at the price of $ 57,477 on average, including the various costs.

According to a document Filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this MicroStrategy transaction took place between November 29 and December 8.

This new operation comes shortly after the previous one, where MicroStrategy had obtained 7,002 bitcoins for the sum of $ 414.4 million.

Strong supporter of Bitcoin, CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael saylor, will likely continue to build his company’s exposure to the largest cryptocurrency over time.

MicroStrategy now owns 112,477 bitcoins according to Bitcoin Treasuries, or nearly the equivalent of $ 6 billion at the current cryptocurrency price. For comparison, MicroStrategy’s share market capitalization is $ 6.3 billion.

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