Morpheus.Network is a supply chain middleware solution that uses blockchain technology. The use of smart-contracts has indeed made it possible to optimize and automate transactions to make them more fluid, more efficient and more secure for all stakeholders.

Pushing its commitment to security further, the company is preparing to reorganize its transactions and operations drastically: an updated smart contract, and a new token to replace the current one. A major overhaul that deserves an interview.

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A rise in range as in power

The project Morpheus.Network is part of these concrete applications of blockchain technology to the issues of the real economy. A solution acclaimed by the main players in the global supply chain, and proven by numerous victories in various prestigious technological competitions. The latest: ISCEA PTAK 2021 Award for Supply Chain Excellence at SC TECH 2021!

Morpheus.Network is a protocol that uses blockchain technology to solve supply chain problems on a global scale
Morpheus.Network has received numerous awards for its supply chain solution based on blockchain technology

A success that comes with new constraints in terms of security and resilience. In a highly strategic sector weighing more than 15 trillion dollars, put under extreme tension in these times of pandemics and shortages, a growing notoriety is also synonymous with great responsibilities. It is with this in mind that the company is changing its technological framework through a complete overhaul.

A new, even smarter contract

It is a certainty, Morpheus.Network does not skimp on the means when it comes to bringing standards up to level. An in-depth transformation that involves rewriting the source code in order to raise the level of requirements in terms of transaction automation and security. A work that has become necessary to continue to offer a relevant, powerful, precise and perfectly compatible with the latest operational models, in a constantly evolving blockchain sector.

Security is an extremely sensitive point that deserves to be treated with the most recent and efficient tools made available by cryptographic technology.
Supply chains are targeted by malicious actors. Morpheus.Network blockchain technology helps protect them

Without entering the heart of the matrix, a tangible qualitative element All the same allows us to welcome the news under the best auspices: Morpheus.Network insisted that its new smart contract obtains the highest certifications in terms of security and resilience. Unsurprisingly, the company therefore decided to call on the sector champion, Certik, to carry out the most demanding audits. A difficult test (that’s the goal) that the new protocol was able to win hands down.

A new token to complete the refurbishment: the $ MNW

To make the most of its shiny smart contract, a new token was needed as a matter of course. The characteristics of this new corner are numerous, since like its predecessor, it will be the necessary fuel for any interaction within the Morpheus.Network ecosystem. An evolution, therefore, more than a revolution, which retains the ERC-20 format since until proven otherwise, Ethereum remains the n ° 1 platform for smart contracts. As a distinguished member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, it would have been surprising if it had been otherwise …

Morpheus.Network relies on the Ethereum network to offer its solutions for supply chains
Morpheus.Network is part of the Ethereum group of companies working to drive mass adoption of the blockchain network

So, if you are the lucky holders of the old MRPH token, it’s time for you to swap them to the company’s new standard which offers a 1: 1 ratio. An extremely simple operation, but which requires a little rigor and circumspection, sinceit is only possible from the official website of Morpheus.Network, and only from a Metamask wallet (or a ledger supporting Metamask) containing your MRPHs.

Once the connection is established, all you have to do is click on the “swap” button and you’re done. It will not take 5 minutes for the new token to appear among your holdings, provided of course that you have updated the list of visible coins. To do this, here is the brand new MNW smart-contract: 0xd3e4ba569045546d09cf021ecc5dfe42b1d7f6e4, to be matched with its decimal number: 18.

As if to attest to the extreme relevance of the approach taken by the team, the most encouraging news was not long in coming. Barely announced, the $ MNW is already listed on one of the most prestigious exchanges in the crypto-space, I named: Kucoin.

An unabated enthusiasm, supporting a scenario that could see Morpheus.Network find a prominent place among the giants of a vital sector of the global economy, awaiting its reliable and secure blockchain-style solutions.


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