Mozilla suspends cryptocurrency donations – The fox runs away with its tail between its legs

Rogue and pollutingWho said all web developers necessarily support cryptocurrency and blockchain? Mozilla had decided to “navigate” on the waters of bitcoin (BTC) and her cadets, but the ship eventually turned around in the face of the scale of the waves of protests and threats.

Mozilla and cryptocurrencies: 404 error

On January 6, 2022, Mozilla announced in a tweet its decision to put ” on pause the possibility of donating crypto-currencies “. The turnaround comes shortly after the Foundation announced it was accepting donations in dogecoin (DOGE) and other cryptocurrencies. The organization had then drawn the wrath of its users, but also of the founder of Mozilla, Jamie Zawinski, and Peter Linss, the creator of the Gecko engine on which the browser is based.

Mozilla release – Source: Twitter

Zawinsky had harsh words in his tweet on Jan. 3, 2021, against Mozilla and cryptocurrencies, stating that “everyone involved in the project should be terribly ashamed of this decision to partner with Ponzi scammers who burn the planet down “. Linss was no more kind to Mozilla, deeming that such a browser was “meant to be better than this.” “.

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While waiting for a greener Web3!

Mozilla bowed to the pressure by backing down, warning its users that it would “consider whether and how [sa] current policy on cryptocurrency donations correspond to [ses] climate goals “. The browser does not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, however, as it recognizes that “decentralized web technology continues to be an important area to explore “.

More than positive results for the Brave crypto browser (BAT) which has once again doubled its growth in one year

Is a possible decision not to embrace web3 quite simply possible for such a browser, while Brave (BAT) has a head start in this field and continues to double its growth year after year?

The cryptosphere needs more than ever to prove that the crypto industry may not be as polluting as most of its opponents believe. Solana (SOL) is already making efforts in this direction, with an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral. Each project must also clearly describe its usefulness to fight against this image of a Ponzi scheme that sticks to cryptocurrencies.

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