Patrice Motsepe, president of CAF and ninth fortune of Africa

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After many twists and turns, the CAN of football finally opens this Sunday, in Cameroon. If the competition is maintained, it is in particular thanks to the pugnacity of the new president of CAF, Patrice Motsepe. The one who will celebrate his 60 years at the end of the month (January 28) is ranked ninth fortune in Africa, with a heritage estimated at three billion dollars according to the magazine’s latest classification ” Forbes “. A career in the mining sector, in particular, that nothing foreshadowed. Her portrait is signed Charlotte Cosset.

Patrice Motsepe grew up in a Soweto ghetto reserved for black people. It was before the end of apartheid. Her family is relatively well-off, so she runs a small business. He remembers that time at the Youth Connect Africa Summit in 2017.

My dad used to wake us up at 5am in the morning. We got in a truck and went to buy fruit and vegetables at the market in Pretoria. So I’ve always been in business. And in the evening, when the family business closed at midnight, I had to be behind the counter. Being behind the counter taught me what profitability is.

From law to mining

Patrice Motsepe studied art before taking an interest in mining and business law. He becomes the first black partner in a large law firm. Then invests in the mining sector. He founded Future Mining in 1994, then African Rainbow Minerals Gold Limited in 1997. Adama Soro is the president of the Burkina Faso Chamber of Mines, an expert in the mining sector: “ I didn’t hear how he was dragging pots and pans. What is put forward a lot is his career. In any case, it is essential for those who know about mining investments. He did a lot of mergers and acquisitions, he took stakes through his company ARM in a lot of companies as well. He even made “joint ventures” with major majors. And above all, he is somewhat the emblematic figure of “black economic empowerment” that post-apartheid South Africa put in place. He is one of the people who benefited a lot from this policy, but who also implemented a lot.

In his rare public interventions Patrice Motsepe maintains the image of self made man and invites African youth to follow his example. ” Work hard. With work and sacrifice you can not only make your dreams come true, but you will also find great success. “. He becomes a leading figure in South Africa, builds an empire. Sam Kunti is a journalist contributing to the magazine Forbes. He has been following Patrice Motsepe’s career for several years: “ According to South African journalists, Motsepe built his mining empire because he was in the right place at the right time in the early 1990s in South Africa. He revived a number of mines outside of Johannesburg and built his empire on it. Little is known about exactly how he did this.

One businessman discreet

No known scandal, no controversy. It has its own foundation. He remains removed from politics, although one of his sisters is married to President Ramaphosa. And despite his great notoriety, Patrice Motsepe conducts his business with the utmost discretion. The key to success according to some. Passionate about football, in 2004 he acquired the Mamelodi Sundowns. For Chad Clarke, financial advisor in South Africa, “ he is not a public figure. He conducts his business in private and he doesn’t like media attention very much. He doesn’t give a lot of interviews. He runs his club like a business. He invests a lot, but in return he is also very demanding. He has a very modern approach to football.

In 2020, the African Football Confederation is looking for a new president. The organization is then affected by financial scandals, the profile of the businessman raises certain hopes. Last March, he took the head of CAF.


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