An NFT astronaut to the MoonAnother work by Beeple has sold for several tens of millions of dollars. NFT art continues to panic counters, whether it is simple .jpegs or sculptures.

Beeple’s moving astronaut for $ 28.9 million

Beeple’s physical and digital work entitled ” HUMAN ONEsold on November 10, 2021, for $ 28.9 million. It is a 3D kinetic video sculpture made up of four screens in 16K resolution, showing an astronaut walking through different backgrounds.

“HUMAN 1” By peeble

The height of the sculpture is more than 2 meters. The pictures will be according to Beeple, updated regularly to create an “ongoing conversation” between the artist and the owner of the work.

HUMAN ONE is Beeple’s first physical artwork, the NFT associated with it is linked to a deed of ownership on Ethereum (ETH). The NFT work in jpeg form “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 500 DAYs” had been sold for a record $ 69.3 million at an auction organized by Christie’s in March 2021.

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Non-fungible tokens: virtual assets, real value

The NFT industry often sees sales for large amounts simple jpegs or original physical objects. The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT # 8817 which is associated with the image of a bored monkey with some accessories and specific features, had sold for $ 3.4 million. A decentralized organization bought the property rights in the form of NFT ofa tungsten cube of almost a ton for $ 250,000.

While NFTs are generally used to prove property rights in collectibles, works of art, their use cases multiply over time. The NFTfi protocol now gives the possibility for NFT holders to contract loans, using their non-fungible tokens as collateral.

Some observers who do not understand the added value of NFTs, and who find it difficult to accept that digital works of art are sold for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, call the sector a bubble that will eventually burst. The interest of giants like Twitter, or even Reddit for NFTs, however, tends to prove the opposite. Even Facebook could integrate NFTs into its development plans.


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