PrimeXBT, a decisive year 2021 for the crypto exchange

A bullish year – The PrimeXBT exchange has just ended a year particularly rich in new features! It is expanding its commercial offer with new services while remaining strong on its two fundamentals: 100% cryptos for deposits and withdrawals (thus saving you the KYC) and possible trading on diversified assets (stock market indices, currencies and commodities) and liquid. Retrospective of a colorful year… green.

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The Spring / Summer crypto collection from PRIME XBT

In order to meet the expectations of its customers as well as its development needs, Prime XBT unveils a reworked interface last spring and new features. Four new cryptocurrencies (ETH, USDC, USDT and COV) are therefore available for deposits and withdrawals in addition to BTC. A “report” area which generates all the logs that the user may need on a daily basis is also emerging.

Ethereum deposits and withdrawals are now possible on the exchange PrimeXBT

In addition, to diversify its offer and promote its adoption by the general public, the platform is launching two new turnkey crypto services in partnership with the Covesting Company:

>> In 2022, diversify your approach to trading thanks to PrimeXBT >>

  • The automatic follow-up program for the best traders on the platform (Covesting Copy-trading module). A unique opportunity to benefit directly from the advanced strategies of these specialists. Their orders are thus automatically applied to the funds you invest in this module..
  • The simplified savings program (Covesting Yield account). It allows you to collect interest on your crypto assets. Hence, it is convenient to take profit while keeping your nuggets.

In the fall of 2021, interest was raining down on PrimeXBT!

After a busy start to the year, the exchange continues its momentum and offers us a second part 2021 of the same ilk! Seven new cryptos are added to the catalog (ADA, LINK, DOGE, DOT, SOL, UNI and XRP). This allows experienced traders as well as smaller investors to expand their favorite playground and discover even more the joys of DeFi.

PrimeXBT has a new mobile application for the operating system of Iphone, iOS in order to be able to trade cryptos in all circumstances
The new iOS app gives you access to the entire PrimeXBT platform

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is indeed part of the new lexicon of the crypto universe. In order not to leave any user by the side of the road, and to take advantage of these new financial products in complete freedom, it was time to offer a mobile application worthy of the name on iOS. This is today done ! Iphone fans are now part of the family. Like Android users, they can now take advantage of an intuitive interface and enhanced security to carry out their operations wherever they want.

Winter is coming… come and warm up on the PrimeXBT exchange

As we move into the year 2022, let’s talk about numbers. Daily dollar volumes reported over the year by Journal Du Coin fluctuate between 1 and 3 billion at the height of the “bull market” euphoria. Record investment levels which leaves no room for doubt as to the trend. Notwithstanding the volatility of the crypto market, the platform sharply increases its traffic over the year and every day embarks more users satisfied with the services and products offered in more than 150 countries.

PrimeXBT offers many financial tools to cross the bear market which seems to be approaching the crypto ecosystem
PrimeXBT will protect you from the approaching crypto winter

The outlook at the start of the year remains varied, however. Blackcurrants predict a long bear market. Crypto influencers still dream of the moon! On the other hand, the report Messari oscillates between the two. The market should continue to grow slowly, giving pride of place to solid projects. So, perhaps it is time for the “cryptophiles” to take refuge on Premium XBT in order to quietly grow their crypto savings in the heat of white-hot yield farming. Unless you like extreme sports, and decide to follow the best traders on the steep slopes of a market that could turn out to be very choppy, hoping to capitalize on the upside or the downside. thanks to the Covesting module.

In many ways, the bull market of 2021 will go down in history! For users of the platform, the last twelve months have worked like a life-size advent calendar, where each season delivers its share of gifts. If you weren’t among these lucky ones yet, don’t panic! 2022 promises to be gold and already explosive on PrimeXBT and registrations are still wide open.

The year 2022 promises to be eventful! Surf on over-vitamin returns or copy the operations of the best crypto-traders now, safely and with a few clicks, thanks to PrimeXBT! >>

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