Speech by Olivier Babeau president of the Sapiens Institute within the framework of the conference Surfin’Bitcoin which took place this summer in Biarritz.

“Olivier Babeau concludes the Surfin Bitcoin 2021 conference not on a prediction of the price of Bitcoin, but on a historical note, thus presenting the work of Satoshi Nakamoto no longer as a monetary instrument but as a foundation of ‘a whole new world that awaits us. At the crossroads between technology, power and revolution, Bitcoin alone embodies all the turmoil that our history has known. It pushes us so far in the introspection of our societies that it seems unthinkable not to look into the subject. Even if it is too early to say what Bitcoin will or will not bring in concrete terms, as the expectations are high and the potential disillusions too, the fact remains that the opportunity to embrace the new world, by taking an interest to its future foundations, deserves to be considered. “


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