Robinhood Bitcoin and Crypto Wallet – Beta Coming In A Few Days

When Wallet, Sir?Last September, the broker Robinhood had launched the alpha version of its crypto wallet. The development of this portfolio was imposed on Robinhood, since it managed to attract many individuals to the crypto-asset market. Indeed, it has become imperative to allow these investors to transfer their cryptocurrencies.

Feedback from users of the alpha version of the Robinhood crypto wallet

As a reminder, the alpha of the crypto wallet of Robinhood was only accessible to one limited number of users. This allowed Robinhood to survey wallet users and learn more about UX (the user experience), as well as the features they would like.

In this regard, several users have suggested the integration of a informative content, even educational. Indeed, they would like certain concepts, such as “Transaction ID” or that of ” network charges’, be made explicit. As such, the wallet beta app will include Robinhood Learn articles and users will benefit from 24/7 phone support.

In addition, Robinhood indicated that there would be differentiated wallets for each cryptocurrency. Yet the user survey indicates that 66% do not have a crypto wallet and expect to have a wallet that includes all cryptocurrencies.

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The launch of the crypto wallet beta

Based on these lessons from users, Robinhood has announcement that the beta version of the wallet would integrate them and would be available in mid-January 2022. The wallet beta will have features of additional security, such as multi-factor authentication. In addition, warning messages will appear before proceeding with the final validation of a transaction.

Robinhood post – Source: Twitter

Also, Robinhood said that the wallet beta will be rolled out to thousands of users registered on the waiting list in January. Besides, you can still subscribe on the waiting list, at the following address:

Finally, in parallel with this deployment, Robinhood has decided to purchase the services of Chainalysis. This company specializing in the monitoring of blockchain transactions will have to ensure the validity of transactions and detect fraudulent transactions. This will also allow Robinhood to comply with the regulations relating to the risks of money laundering.

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