Smoking –

On a TV set, for any bitcoiner who might to explain, there is someone in front of him who is there to criticize. There are exercise champions. One of the most active these days presents himself as an economist and like any economist, when he runs out of arguments, he tells stories, starting like all his people from the idea that historical experiences can be used for everything and out of context.

To demonstrate that Bitcoin is not a currency, which as he was told is largely parlor conversation, he has arrows of all kinds in his quiver. A currency, he explained to us at François Taddeï, “ It usually takes very little time to set up”. Generalization of which I see very badly the basis and on which it engages “for example, if you take the situation in Berlin after the war, in a ruined city, well, a means of exchange was needed…it was the cigarette that had been elected by the population as a means of exchange, not elected in the strict sense , in the sense of use, and it had taken two weeks to settle.

Article by Jacques Favier to read on his blog: The Way of Bitcoin

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