SPACE Metaverse, the new crypto-world of Dapper Lab and Animoca

Difficult to conclude this year 2021, without once again talking about a metaverse project. Indeed, the concept of metaverse is already seen by some as one of the use cases the most obvious and promising of the Web 3.0 and it did not cease to speak throughout 2021. It is thus a new metaverse project called SPACE, to say the least promising, which comes to an end this year. Undeniably, 2021 will have been a decisive year for the metaverse (s) seeing virtual world projects, like The SandBox, meet a craze. unprecedented

The SPACE project supported by large venture capital funds specializing in metaverse

According to a Press release on December 22, the SPACE Metaverse project declared that it had successfully completed its very first funding round of up to $ 7 million. If we compare this amount to that of fundraising carried out for example by The SandBox, it may seem ridiculous. However, despite this (relatively) moderate amount, this fundraising is theopportunity for SPACE Metaverse to secure the support of experts in this domain.

Indeed, the funding round of the SPACE Metaverse project was led by major players such as Dapper Lab, or even Animoca Brands. The latter is a major asset for the SPACE metaverse project. Animoca Brands in addition to being a specialized venture capitalist in blockchain games and metaverse projects, is a mobile game editor. The Hong Kong publisher has chosen to continue developing mobile games, but by adding a blockchain technology, or many NFT. In any event, this expertise should be profitable for SPACE metaverse.

The different virtual environments of Space Metaverse

Finally, it also seems that the project is considered as promising by the public. The alpha version of SPACE Métavers available in early access attracted more than 10,000 users, despite the poor communication made during this period. Thus users of SPACE Métavers can already create and join virtual spaces in order to discuss, and exchange.

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Focus on the SPACE Métaverse project

The SPACE Métaverse project was born with the objective of creating a kind of ” economic backbone ‘ who will find ramifications through theentire metaverse ecosystem.

The founder of SPACE, Batis Samadian thus affirmed:

As the metaverse continues to be massively adopted and becomes a place where a lot of people meet, a natural evolution is commerce, which is what SPACE is focused on. Users will be able to watch shows, purchase items, sell items, and interact with digital products in the metaverse. “

The SPACE Métaverse project would like to become thearchitect of certain commercial experiences within the metaverse. By respecting immersion and conviviality requirements, SPACE hopes to soon be accompanied by brands and users to continue to develop. She hopes to set up a dynamic and decentralized economy within the metaverse which would belong, above all, to the users.

Therefore, the SPACE project must be closely monitored, because its proposals are promising for the metaverse. In addition, this project could give crypto companies the edge against GAFAM in the race for the metaverse.

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