A symbolic milestone for OpenSeaSales of the NFT marketplace recently hit $ 10 billion, as the growth of the non-fungible token industry does not look set to slow.

OpenSea sales: $ 10 billion for the unicorn

Sales on OpenSea since the launch of the platform have crossed the $ 10 billion mark during the weekend of November 6, 2021. The average selling price of NFTs has also reached $ 872 per token.

The success of OpenSea is based on the strong growth of the NFTs sector in general, and more specifically the success of certain major projects such as Axie Infinity, which is the second largest NFT project in the cryptosphere. Axie Infinity sales represent in fact 29.90% of OpenSea turnover. According to CryptoSlam data, Axie Infinity’s total revenue since launch amounts to over $ 2.9 billion.

OpenSea sales topped $ 10 billion just over 3 months after the platform raised $ 100 million, a fundraising round propelling her to the rank of unicorn with a valuation estimated at the time at 1.5 billion dollars.

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Growth of NFTs: constantly increasing numbers

The growth of NFTs has not slowed down during the third quarter of 2021, as non-fungible tokens have recorded ever greater demand since the start of the year. The nonfungible.com report on the NFTs sector during the third quarter of 2021 reveals that active portfolios that have interacted with an NFT smart contract, increased by 105.52% compared to the previous quarter.

The number of buyers for its part jumped 166.73%, from 97,658 in the second quarter to 260,489 in the third quarter. The number of sellers has known an even greater increase of 206.84% compared to the previous period.

The amount of NFT trades in US dollars grew from $ 782 million to $ 5.9 billion in Q2 to Q3.

What could influence the growth curve of OpenSea? Andre Cronje launched NFT Artion’s decentralized exchange dapp which runs on Fantom (FTM), with the ambition of making it a direct competitor of OpenSea. And Artion has a strong case for attracting NFTs projects, especially in terms of cost.

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