Ternoa and its augmented NFTs: 2021 was daunting, 2022 promises to be incredible

While 2020 saw the launch of its eponymous chaosnet, 2021 was the year of revelation for Ternoa and its augmented NFTs. Its secure data transmission solution continues to find new applications. His testnet keeps all its promises, the community continues to grow.

The French project which has reinvented the NFT format is now taking stock. The road traveled is impressive.

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A growing blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem

It is the foundation of the whole. The basis that allows the implementation of the concept. The testnet launched in October 2021 kept all of its promises. Since that date, the network has seen:

  • the creation of more than more 100,000 NFT
  • downloading more than 70,000 Ternoa wallets
  • the birth of more than 30 NFT marketplaces
  • the putting into function of more than 120 validator nodes around the world.
Ternoa NFTs feature a layer of privacy

Thanks to the many positive feedbacks, the team knew greatly improve the user experience. A simplified approach that is not for nothing in the success and adoption. Combined with the protection offered by the unique augmented NFT format, Ternoa even opened the doors of the metaverse by using its NFTs as access keys to private virtual spaces.

Concrete developments for a complete ecosystem around NFTs

A network is nothing without concrete applications. On the issue, 2021 has delivered a large number of innovations and applications on the Ternoa ecosystem. The wallet launched in July 2021 lifts the veil on what Ternoa technology allows in terms of accessibility to NFTs and on the many areas that this native technology integrates and intends to promote.

Ternoa's wallet allows you to interact with the entire crypto ecosystem
Ternoa offers a wallet to access all of its NFT technology

To make its economy work, Ternoa offers the native token $ CAPS. In February 2021, the Certik foundation validates its code by audit. Many listings follow (Uniswap, Gate.io, Ascendex, Liquid). More broadly, the token is at the center of many yield farming and staking pools (Just Mining, Ascendex) which host more than 170 million delegated coins at this time.

Powerful initiatives to conquer your audience

The project is launching the “grant” program in October 2021. The community is thus motivated to present its development projects which are based on the network. Ternoa and its original features. More than 40 proposals, some of which are already subsidized and in the process of being deployed.

Ternoa has spared no efforts to conquer the crypto public and institutions present in the blockchain sector
The community of Ternoa is growing

Helpers who are also at the heart of the Tiime Engine concept. An initiative of the development team which seeks to unite its users even more thanks to a proposal of daily missions and rewards in the service of the protocol. Everything has been done to increase the number of users, and it works: We are now counting more than 36,000 CAPS holders, and more than 150,000 subscribers to social networks.

Aggressive communication to gain credibility

Approaches to emblematic players in the sector are not to be outdone. This is evidenced by the many partnerships signed with recognized influencers from the international crypto-sphere. Between February and April 2021, Ternoa surrounds itself with around twenty emblematic actors such as Hasheur or Mr Beast to advise them in their marketing and help them promote the project.

A profitable initiative since from May 2021, the company receives the support of several well-known venture capital funds of the crypto galaxy: Master Ventures, GD10 Ventures, Digital Finance Group, Arkstream Capital, Seven X Ventures, WaterDrip, LVT Capital, Morningstar Ventures.

Thanks to multiple fundraising, the Ternoa project was able to partner with big names in the crypto sector and blockchain investors
Institutionalists overwhelmingly support the Ternoa project and its augmented NFTs

Technological partnerships are not to be outdone with Elrond, Polygon, Binance NFT, Subquery to index data. A 2021 ranking worthy of the biggest names in the crypto-game.

It is on the strength of these advances and the success it has met that Ternoa is already sharpening its ambitions for the year 2022. Developments announced which should lead us to the shores of the Asian and American continents in the near future.

On a strictly NFT level, a “Wall of Fame” project will soon allow celebrities to invest the digital space with exclusive content taking advantage of the augmented NFT format. A whole program that should therefore be monitored from the new year 2022.

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