The Associated Press launches into the deep end of NFTs on Polygon (MATIC): is there no picture?

Polygon claims another “victim”Shortly after its partnership with Chainlink, the famous American press agency will launch its NFT marketplace dedicated to photography at the end of January. To do this, Associated Press (AP) will work with the company Xooan. Photo enthusiasts will visibly be able to acquire their favorite shots thanks to the Polygon (MATIC) second layer solution.

NFTs for the greatest historical moments

Photography holds a very important place in information, and AP photographers have since 1846 transcribed key points in history. Some of most striking shots of our time should be unveiled as evoked Dwayne Desaulniers, blockchain administrator at AP. The press agency said it wanted to release photos that had received the famous Pulitzer Prize.

“For 175 years, AP reporters have recorded the world’s greatest stories, including through striking and poignant images that continue to resonate today. »

Dwayne Desaulniers

The first NFT collection will be offered on January 31, 2022. It will group pictures around subjects, such as war, climate or space. Each work will be accompanied by metadata indicating the time, place and date of the snapshot. This data will also make it possible to know the device and the settings used.

One of the photos from AP’s first NFT collection – Source: AP

In keeping with free and impartial journalism, receipts garnered by NFTs will only be used to finance the needs of the newspaper. It should also be possible to to pay by credit card and of course in cryptocurrencies through wallets, like MetaMask. Later will come those of Binance and Coinbase, among others.

Through the Polygon network, AP is therefore also embarking on the NFT adventure. Last summer, CNN did the same. The intervention of an actor as established as the Associated Press once again proves the real usefulness of this technology. It remains to be seen how photo enthusiasts will react to the news.

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