The cryptocurrency market, an x100 by 2030? Millionaire Raoul Pal takes the bet

To infinity and beyond ? – Raoul Pal’s enthusiasm for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) has been known to the entire cryptosphere for some time now. This former executive of the multinational banking group Goldman Sachs has again just made a statement, as resounding as bullish (bullish), in the crypto-asset market.

A $250 trillion crypto market? It’s possible

Even already in 2020, the millionaire Raoul Pal was filled with optimism, seeing a Bitcoin squarely reach the 1 million dollars each! The founder and CEO of Real Vision seems not to have lost a single ounce of this enthusiasm, since he has just made new fiery statements during interview given to the podcast Bankless Brasil.

A small note, at the time of writing these lines, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin + all altcoins) fell from $2.5 trillion to $2 trillion since the interview with Raoul Pal. At the time of his statement, the millionaire was indeed planning, with a “reasonable chance”, that the crypto market can be multiplied by 100, that is $250 trillion :

“If I look at the total derivatives market, it’s $1 trillion (1015). I think there is a reasonable chance that the asset class [des cryptomonnaies] hit $250 trillion, 100 times more than today, which would be the biggest growth of any asset class in history in such a short time. »

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An adoption of Bitcoin and cryptos by 3.5 billion humans?

Indeed, not only does the gear ratio seem gigantic – the total marketgold is for example about $10 trillion – but this increase could be done in a relatively short time period according to Raoul Pal.

If the adoption of digital assets proceeds at the rate the millionaire envisions, this market target could be achieved as early as the horizon of 2030.

“That will fit pretty well with the idea of ​​3.5 billion people using them – that’s just an extrapolation of network growth figures. So if there are 3.5 billion users in 2030, the market capitalization will be around $250 trillion. »

For Raoul Pal, the total capitalization of assets could even reach the $250 trillion if we take its upper estimate range. Don’t throw it away Mr. Pal, we got the idea!

While it is not entirely excluded that such figures could ever be, the obstacles and incidents on the way are certain, not to mention the temporality – totally unpredictable. Yet Raoul Pal is far from the only rich man on the planet who is optimistic for the crypto sector: the investor Bill Miller even staked half of his personal fortune in Bitcoin and the like.

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