The NFTs soon on the golf greens? LinksDAO raises $ 10.4 million, tries an ace

It’s time for the green – Just weeks after Mike Dudas’ idea to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for golf fans, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was launched. And nearly $ 11 million was raised in 26 hours. A nice sum raised which suggests a bright future for this project aimed at the renewal of “Country club”.

NFT membership cards for golf clubs?

Shortly after the project launched and after the creation of The Discord for their growing community, the former founder of the media outlet The Block Mike Dudas and his few collaborators have therefore launched this curious collection of 9,090 NFT. These, in the form of membership cards, will allow the few 5,000 members current to prove their membership in this new sports club of its kind.

Membership cards “Leisure” (left) and “Global” (right)

Sold respectively at 0.18 and to 0.72 ethers, the cards ” Hobbies “ and “Global” of LinksDAO will have allowed a great fundraising of $ 10.4 million. Soon after, it will be supplemented by secondary market sales, always granting more funds to the project. Enough to make a beautiful club in short!

These cards do not guarantee access to a real golf course. However, they will allow their members to have certain privileges, including:

  • To purchase a membership physical club of LinksDAO when it is actually built;
  • To have governance rights in the future DAO;
  • To have reductions on future packages or derivatives;
  • To access possible IRL events future, such as trips or outings.

In addition to the usual craze around NFTs, this project would therefore like to propose a real use of proof of ownership.

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Towards the purchase of a real golf course thanks to NTF?

For the moment, Jim Daily, one of the collaborators of Dudas, talks about buying a golf course on the metaverse. However, one of the big goals for the year 2022 would be to buy a real one. Just that ! It is even through the Discord discussion that the community can propose their favorite sites.

lots of dollars piled up

Buying land worthy of its name is extremely expensive. Also, LinksDAO will have to respect certain constraints before proceeding to this step. It goes without saying that the sum raised thanks to the NFTs sold will not allow to materialize all these projects.

A golf club geared towards the member

This new sports club aims to put the member back at the center of priorities. At the start of 2022, the project should therefore attempt to turn to a DAO. At the same time, a governance token should also be put into circulation. In short, a catchphrase that the crypto community knows well.

“We’re going to change the way a very established type of organization, such as a country club, and what can be considered a pretty staid sport, namely golf, is viewed. “

Jim Daily

This decentralized aspect of the project will allow LINKS token holders to take part in decisions important to the club. In fact, the goal is to empower its members.

Once again we have a great example of what NFTs could do. By redefining the contours of the “Country club”, LinksDAO wants to empower the traditional sports club member by putting them back at the center of the decision-making process. So, a revisited bullshit blockchain or a real trendy evolution?

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