The Order of Chartered Accountants puts its graduates on a blockchain

The Order of Chartered Accountants relies on the Bitcoin blockchain to enable the certification of the diplomas it has issued since 1995.

Certify the authenticity of diplomas? There is the blockchain for that.

Schools like ESILV and ESSEC have followed this path *, with the support of Paymium.

What about the Superior Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants? We are awaiting a return as to the possible technological partners that he would have solicited to set up his ” graduate blockchain “.

Each of the chartered accountants graduated since 1995 can recover, on their own private space, a certificate in PDF format.

Anyone in possession of the document can verify its authenticity via the public site of the order.

The device is based on two “digital fingerprints” stored on the Bitcoin blockchain:

  • One integrated in the certificate
  • The other corresponds to the examination session sanctioned by the diploma (two sessions per year, in May and November)

The first step is to check the validity of the certificate. If his fingerprint is in the blockchain, the date of the corresponding session is displayed.

The existence of this session’s fingerprint can be verified with any Bitcoin blockchain mining tool.

* ESSEC and ESILV use the site The principle of the double footprint is repeated there, to prove on the one hand the existence of the diploma and on the other, the registration of its digital footprint on the blockchain by the school.

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