Time Magazine wants to educate about the future of metaverse

Time Magazine, one of the most viewed journals in the United States, announced this Thursday an unprecedented partnership with the group Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. by Mike Novogratz. First of all, this one foresees the launch of a new category named “TIME100 Companies Metaverse” (ie TIME100 metaverse company) aiming to promote promising entrepreneurs in the metaverse sector.

With a view to educating readers on the rapidly expanding universe of metaverse, the partnership between Time and Galaxy Digital also includes the launch of a weekly newsletter. Entitled “Into the Metaverse” and written by Andrew Chow, this one will explore the way our physical and digital lives are increasingly intertwined. On the program, interviews with pioneering leaders of the transformations of the financial, cultural and innovation world that are taking place in the metaverse.

“Over the next decade, the metaverse will become an increasingly important part of the global economy; our physical and digital realities are already becoming difficult to distinguish, ”said Mike Novogratz, CEO and Founder of Galaxy Digital.

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Time Magazine now holds Ether (ETH)

Best of all, the Time Magazine press release indicates that the entire transaction was made in cryptocurrencies, more precisely in Ether (ETH). As a result, the company announced that it owns for the first time ETH in its cash balance, a great first for a media institution.

It is also not the first cryptocurrency who joins the company’s treasury. Since its partnership with Grayscale in April 2021, Time Magazine has announced that it holds Bitcoin (BTC) on its balance sheet.

This operation is not trivial and follows to cryptocurrency and Web3 orientation that Time Magazine decided to take a few months ago. Indeed, since April 2021, the American magazine offers cryptocurrencies as a means of payment to pay for digital subscriptions. In addition, Time had been one of the first media to carry out a sale of NFTs bearing the effigy of its covers, an operation which had then brought in no less than 276 ETH.

Still, since the announcement last October from Facebook to rename itself Meta, in order to focus on its expansion in the metaverse world, this sector has experienced a meteoric rise. A craze that has attracted the attention of the media, investors and especially companies in the cryptocurrency industry and from various horizons. What’s next to get started?

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