Ethereum loses a new item – Since early 2021, fees on Ethereum (ETH) have only grown. As a result, many users find themselves unable to complete any transaction without seeing their savings squandered in fees. Faced with this observation, several projects have chosen to migrate to other less greedy blockchains.

Crazy Ethereum transaction fees

Unstoppable Domains is a project offering decentralized domain names hosted on Ethereum. When a domain name is purchased by a user, the protocol will create a NFT which represents the proof of ownership on the purchased domain.

However, the creation cost of the NFT exploded, in parallel with the exorbitant rise in network charges. Thus, users can often find themselves paying more than 200 dollars in fees transaction to claim their domain name. A situation which is not viable for the project, and to which a solution had to be found.

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Unstoppable Domains sets sail on Polygon

Faced with the problem of transaction fees, Unstoppable Domains decided for the radical solution: change the blockchain. It is so in a announcement published on November 15 that the project unveiled its migration to blockchain Polygon (MATIC).

Unstoppable Domains announces Polygon MATIC migration
Announcement of the migration of Unstoppable Domains to Polygon – Source: Unstoppable Domains

As a reminder, Polygon is a blockchain evolving above that of Ethereum, allowing unload the latter. Although it is not strictly speaking a sidechain Ethereum, many allow themselves this shortcut.

Following this migration, users will be able to claim their domain names directly on Polygon. Therefore, they will no longer be exposed to the exorbitant fees of the Ethereum network.

“After months of research and engineering, we are happy to announce that domain creation is now deployed on Polygon. As of today, customers can mint (i.e. claim) all unminted domains on the Polgyon blockchain for free and with no gas charges. “

Unstoppable Domains announcement

Unstoppable Domains doesn’t stop there. Indeed, to celebrate this migration, the protocol will take as own responsability all of the costs creation of a domain name on Polygon. As a result, claiming a domain will actually be free from the user’s point of view.

The outlook for Unstoppable Domains

This migration of the domain complaints mechanism is only a first stage. Indeed, Unstoppable Domains is already planning to evolve his service on Polygon In the coming months.

The project has therefore announced that it is working on a migration tool domains from Ethereum to Polygon, and vice versa. This service should be launched between December 2021 and February 2022. Other functionalities, such as a domain management interface, will also be implemented at the end of November.

At the same time, another decentralized domain name service is talking about it. Indeed, Ethereum Name Service recently made the headlines following the airdrop of its ENS governance token.

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